Yoga as a lifestyle

Yoga has become a popular way of life around the world

Yoga and productivity

Yoga is perfection in action. A yogi is one who can do the daily activities of life with efficiency and awareness, without the underlying attachment or clinging, which may bring sorrow. Doing every action with awareness, without reacting to situations brings harmony in our lives. It can make you a better parent, a better boss, a better student or a better sportsman. It does not matter what your life style is. Yoga brings in a value addition at every level and enhances the quality of your life.

Yoga and disease prevention, health improvement

Having said all these, today yoga is seen more as a counter-balance to one’s stressful and overworked lifestyle, which lacks proper exercise and relaxation. These factors have contributed to most life style diseases like hypertension, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, back & neck pains, obesity, migraine, depression, drug addictions, cardiac problems and even cancer. Yoga should not be seen as a panacea for all problems, yet it can prevent or solve most of these problems, if practiced under the guidance of an expert.

Your own yoga lifestyle

To experience the real benefits of yoga, you have to make it as part of your daily activity. Taking a 2 week course on yoga practice won’t help you much, unless you take it up as a part of your life style. It is better to do a 15 – 30 minutes practice every day, rather than doing hours of yoga for just 2 weeks and then forgetting it.

In a long run, yoga can help prevent or delay most of the life style diseases. It can also help in alleviating some of chronic conditions caused by them. Our Inside, Outside & Around experts can help you adapt yoga to your lifestyle.

Yoga at your workplace

A survey on your current working style will be implemented for our experts to design different sets of yoga exercises for your groups of staff.