Grow & Flourish

“Grow & Flourish” is an experiential workshop that introduces a novel approach to personal growth and transformation. It embraces science, body-work and spirituality in a way that works below any religious beliefs. By the time you complete our program, you will have a better understanding of the five essential elements of wellbeing and your wellbeing will be renewed in those five key areas.

The workshop draws upon and synthesises ancient wisdom (yoga) with cutting-edge research in Western science (including health and healthcare) and psychology (positive, behavior change techniques).

Learning to grow through 5 elements of wellbeing

  • Career – Fulfilling and meaningful life purpose
  • Relationships – Social engagement
  • Financial independence
  • Physically and mentally healthy living
  • Community engagement and contribution


  1. Measure your current level of happiness
  2. Identify your life transitions
  3. Learn practices for well-being habits in:
    • Work
    • Relationship
    • Financial state
    • Physical and mental health
    • Community engagement
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